Today is the first day of the rest of your life!

With the amazing growth in the spa industry, I thought I’d include an oldie but goodie in today’s blog entry.

It’s an article I wrote a while back and it still applies today. Spa is more than lotions and potions and a massage every so often. It’s a lifestyle…it’s about healthy living and encompasses good nutrition, fitness, relaxing sleep and meditation.

We are responsible for our well being and being mindful of what we eat, when we move and how well we sleep are all factors in living a healthy lifestyle. You may have heard some of this before and now is the time to make the changes to improve your life and that of your loved ones.

I often think to myself, “if not now, when” and so I challenge you to the same. If not now, when? Create the life you want. It all starts with good health!

Spa Travel – A Vacation with a Purpose

When you think of spa, you may visualize healing waters and mineral springs. Your thinking would be on target, however nowadays ‘spa’ is much more than that. Consider going to a Day Spa and pampering yourself for a day, add in Yoga or a Pilates class and you’ve done a great job on focusing on yourself and creating a little more balance. Now, consider a few days or a week of fitness classes, pampering spa treatments, stress reduction, healthful spa cuisine and additional opportunities to create a healthier lifestyle. Perhaps a cooking class or nutrition class is appealing or something more challenging like climbing a rock wall or doing something you never thought you’d do. A spa vacation is relaxing, rejuvenating and in many cases a week away could be life changing.
Let’s embark on a journey to discover more about Spa Travel. Relax, pour yourself a cup of green tea and discover a world of possibilities.

Spa 101
Spa Travel is growing and spa-goers are looking for new experiences. Indulge your senses and consider a Spa Vacation. Below you’ll find information to help in your decision process.
Hotel & Resort Spas – these typically include fitness facilities and can sometimes be managed by an outside source or by the resort. Spa visits are typically complemented by use of the resort’s other facilities, such as golf, beach or tennis. Spa cuisine may or may not be offered.

Destination Spa – The key focus is to provide specific health and wellness treatments and facilities. Guests stay for at least several days, sometimes enjoying week-long packages. Spa cuisine is always offered at a destination spa. Some destination spas have their own natural springs which provide mineral, thermal or seawater for hydrotherapy treatments.

Medical Spa – A fast-growing part of the spa business, medical spas (or medi-spas) usually have a medical director supervising treatments that could include cosmetic surgery, dermatology and other “age-slowing” treatments. Typical spa treatments are also usually offered at medical spas. The growing trend is for medical doctors to open medical spas either on the same site as their medical facility, or adjacent to it.

Cruise Ship Spa – Cruise ship spas provide spa and fitness facilities aboard ocean liners. Cruise ships are now also offering spa cuisine in restaurants throughout the vessel.
(Source: International Spa Association)

Now that you have an idea of the different types of spa opportunities, consider what you’d like to do and what area you might like to focus on. Do you want to focus on fitness and perhaps hiking or are you looking for a location to help reduce stress and create a healthy lifestyle. Consider the following:
• Stress Management: Learn how to manage stress and learn new relaxation techniques and ways to put them into practice when you return home. Learn how to create a life in balance.
• Pampering: Indulge in spa treatments from facials to massages to something exotic.
• Fitness, Health & Nutrition: Stretch your body and participate in an array of classes, sports activities and integrate what you learn into your lifestyle. Learn how lifestyle choices can lead you to a path of wellness.
• Spirituality & Enlightenment: Engage in T’ai Chi, Yoga, Meditation and other practices to calm your mind and spark your spirit. All roads lead to self-awareness and tranquility.
Sample schedules are available to review and get ideas on what you can do on your spa vacation. Below is just one idea:

Sample a Day
7:00AM Morning Yoga
8:00AM Breakfast
9:00AM Hiking Adventure
10:30AM AntiAging Seminar/or Nutrition Seminar
12:30PM Lunch
1:30PM Pool/Free Time
3:00PM Spa Treatment – Hot Stone Massage
4:00PM Healthy Cooking Demo/Class
6:00PM Dinner
8:00PM Relax/Evening Program-optional

Okay, so you’ve been going for facials, massages and maybe an exotic treatment once in a while. There’s an abundance of treatments available at spa locations, many are ‘signature’ treatments created by the spa as well as ‘exotic’ treatments that are sure to rev up your senses and bring serenity to your body, mind and spirit. Here are just a few of what you’ll find:

Spa Treatments Glossary
Aromatherapy: An ancient healing art using essential oils from plants, leaves, bark, roots, seeds, resins and flowers. Oils are used to treat emotional disorders, organ dysfunction, and skin problems and are used during massage, facials, body wraps and hydro baths.

Ayurvedic: An ancient system of traditional folk medicine from India using a Variety of techniques to restore balance. Often used in nutrition, herbal medicine, aromatherapy, massage and meditation.

Feldenkrais (Method): A system of bodywork developed by Moshe Feldenkrais that attempts to reprogram the nervous system through movement augmented by physical pressure and manipulation.

Lomi-Lomi: Hawaiian rhythmical, rocking massage.

Salt Glow Treatment: The body is rubbed with a vigorous, abrasive scrub, consisting of coarse salt usually mixed with essential oils and water. It cleanses pores and removes dead skin. It is usually followed by a gentle shower and moisturizer.

Thalassotherapy: An Ancient Greek therapy (thalasso is Greek for sea) – treatments use the therapeutic benefits of the sea, and sea water products for their vitamins, minerals and trace elements, which can heal and reinvigorate skin and hair. (Source: International Spa Association)

Enjoy the Spa Life!
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