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7 Spa-Inspired Ways to Take Better Care of Yourself in the Busyness of Work-Life

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7 Ways to Take Better Care of Yourself in the Busyness of Work-Life

This past week was one of the busiest weeks I’ve had in the last several months, which is great, of course.  Writing about wellness spas and talking to others about the benefits of going to a wellness spa inspire me for many reasons and time away devoted to our health is invaluable.

Massage and other services are vital for our well-being, however what I love most about the spa industry is that it’s a lifestyle.  So while we can learn a lot about living healthier lives, implementing what we learned to our daily life is important.

The Spa Lifestyle (for me) is about Eating Healthy, Moving our Bodies, Going Outdoors, Meditation and Prayer and so much more. The busyness of this week reminded me of a few things to re-evaluate for my own health and perhaps they’ll remind you of the importance of taking care of yourself.  It isn’t selfish.  It’s necessary. And while my intention is to engage in all of these there are times that even our best intentions fail us.  So let’s get back on track together.

1.  Always take advantage of ’slow times’ to complete other goals.
This is something I always think about when I get really busy.  It also reminds me of a job I had years ago when I was told to enjoy the slow time because it was about to get very busy.  I know I tend to thrive in the energy of the busyness, however the lesson here is to take advantage of the ‘ebb’ in our lives and use the time to complete other tasks to avoid stressing over not having the time later.

2. Go to the gym in the morning because ‘later’ comes much too soon.
Old habits aren’t always easy to change, however this one has to.  I like to start my day with breakfast, followed by going through my emails and prioritizing tasks, etc.  My intention is to reward myself with going to the gym in the afternoon.  I’m sure you know how that’s been working out.  Obvious?  Yes.  Take care of this early.  No guilt later and I’m pretty sure we’ll feel more energized (without a second cup of coffee).

3. Always have a pitcher of water on your desk.
Last Christmas I purchased a water pitcher thinking I would keep it filled and on my desk everyday.  It worked for a little while and then I decided I’d just get up and down to get a glass of water to break up sitting so long.  Well, it’s truly best to keep the pitcher close at hand so that you’re staying hydrated throughout the day.  The more you drink your daily water, the more you’ll naturally get up!

4. Go outside, breathe in fresh air and connect with nature.
This is so important on so many levels.   I find that even when I’m engaged in my work flow there comes a time in the afternoon, usually about 4pm, that I have to go outside.   It may only be for about 10-20 minutes, yet the benefits last much longer.  Go outside!

5. Play music you love…music that inspires you.
I love most kinds of music and choose different kinds depending on what I’m working on.
Music inspires me.
Music gets me moving.
Music stirs my soul and helps my creative process.
What kind of music inspires you?

6. Read more and watch less (TV).
I’ll confess that I do have a few favorite TV shows.  Watching them distracts me from the challenges of life and yet I’ve been reading less and miss that time.  I love to read and most of what I read is in the self-help genre.
I have every book by Dr. Wayne Dyer, most from Louise Hay and Paulo Coelho and many, many others.   Reading helps me to slow down and immerse myself in the power of inspiring words.   It’s time to finish what I started.  What are you reading?

7. Eat Lunch!
More often than not I ‘forget’ to eat lunch.  That 4pm time comes along and I can’t help but wonder why I didn’t have something earlier.
It’s important to eat healthy and frequently during the day.  It’s a matter of taking just a few minutes and yet we get distracted by all of the busyness of our task-driven day.  With all of the cookbooks I have from my favorite spas like Miraval, Mii amo, Canyon Ranch, Rancho la Puerta, Red Mountain Spa, Cal-a-vie and Golden Door, there’s no excuse.   A good plan is bag some cut-up veggies, nuts, and whatever you’d like so they’re ready to grab.

I know these are obvious, however when you’re ‘in the flow’ it’s easy to put off doing what you know is best so this is a reminder for all of us. 

Now go outside, grab a bag of veggies and enjoy the day!

New Year, New You: A Wellness Retreat to Transform Your Life

Wednesday, September 10th, 2014 | Adventure, Beauty, Challenge Course, Destination Spas, Energy Work, Equine Therapy, Healing, Healing Music, Meditation, Miraval Spa, Nutrition, Relaxation, Skincare, Weight Loss, Zipline, facials, fitness, gratitude, healthy living, hiking, joy, love, massage, mindfulness, spa, stress relief, well-being, wellness | 1 Comment

Miraval Arizona

January is one of the best times to experience a destination spa retreat and if you’re looking to make 2015 one of your best years, then this might be the opportunity to do just that.   Miraval Arizona will be the setting for this four-night retreat from January 7 – 11, 2015.

Whether you’ve experienced Miraval before or are considering Miraval for the first time, journey with me for a few minutes and take a look at a few specially selected links, information, services and activities to help you learn more about one of the world’s best spas.

New Year, New You Flyer

“A Journey of a Thousand Miles Begins with a Single Step.” – Lao Tzu

Transformation Vacation:
Time away devoted to our health is invaluable, as we all know, and when you add inspiring lectures from Miraval’s specialists, healing spa services and a challenge course to go beyond self-imposed boundaries, you set the stage for a year of transformation.   You can use this time to focus on fitness and perhaps schedule a private session with Andrew Wolf, Miraval’s Exercise Physiologist or focus on healthier eating and learn from Miraval’s nutritionist, Junelle Lupiani and perhaps also consider a Resting Metabolic Rate Analysis and Personalized Nutrition Plan to help you meet your goals.

Let 2015 be the year that you learn how to manage stress and while you’re at it, learn the 7-Keys to Joy and Vitality from Anne Parker or consider using some of your allowance of resort credits for one of her private sessions like Activating Your Emotional Intelligence or a personal favorite, Mirror of the Soul.

A sample journey at Miraval – take a look at this short video to get a better feel of Miraval.

Mindful Eating at Miraval
Healthy menus utilizing locally sourced ingredients create an exceptional dining experience.  Eat better, live better, feel better.  Gourmet meals that are delicious and nutritious, even dessert.

Enjoy this Miraval recipe of Lemon-Glazed Blueberry Scones from their Sweet & Savory cookbook.

What about spa services?
There are many services to choose from including several outdoor treatments.

Aqua Zen
is one service you might want to consider because the pool is heated for this service done by a Watsu®-trained therapist. Your body is moved effortlessly through the warm waters of the specially designed pool (water invites complete relaxation to the massage, allowing your body to be manipulated and stretched with greater freedom than traditional massage).  This is suitable for non-swimmers.

If you’re looking for something really unique, then Nâga (created at Miraval) may be of interest.  This is offered only at the Spa at Miraval and evolved from the healing principals of Thai Massage. Your therapist uses strands of richly colored silk suspended from above as an extension of their body. The silks are used by your provider for entwining and gracefully suspending themselves as well as wrapping and supporting your body, taking you deeper into the stretches and releasing restrictions impairing full movement.

And maybe a massage is what you need after a day of hiking and yoga.  There are many to choose from including a Relaxation Massage, Deep Tissue, Hot Stone and more.   I love the Restorative Deep Tissue (with arnica) and I’m also a fan of Shamana Karma (under Ayurvedic services in the guide).  Sample Guide

There are many other classes and activities to choose from, including Miraval’s Equine Experience, which I recommend to all new to Miraval guests.  It can be so profound and a great way to start your Miraval journey as it offers you the opportunity to practice living in the moment – Mindfulness – the key philosophy of Miraval.

Be Restored.
Be Inspired.
Be Transformed.

(Space is limited and based on availability.  Review the flyer and feel free to email me with any questions.)

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International Spa Association Innovate Award Recipients 2013

Tuesday, September 3rd, 2013 | Destination Spas, Miraval Spa, well-being, wellness | No Comments

“My view is there’s no bad time to innovate.” ~ Jeff Bezos

I love being part of the spa industry for so many reasons and was thrilled to hear about the ISPA Innovate Award.  Members submitted their successful spa-related innovations for the chance to be recognized by their peers and the celebration will take place at the 2013 ISPA Conference & Expo this October.

““ISPA is excited to highlight some of the very talented and innovative spa professionals we have within our association,”” said ISPA President Lynne McNees. ““Not only would we like to applaud these individuals for thinking inventively, but as an association, we would like other members to hear about these winning ideas and perhaps this will grow even more innovative ideas.””

Congratulations to all of the ISPA Innovate Award recipients noted below.  The future of the spa industry is now, the possibilities for growth are unlimited and I’m inspired by these innovations.

Eau Palm Beach Resort & Spa, located in Lantana, FL
Innovation: Successful retail program that raised profits and increased employee morale
Represented by Catherine Warren, Spa Director

Fayez Spa, located in London, Ontario, Canada
Innovation: Marketing that positively impacted multiple stakeholders and dramatically increased retail sales
Represented by Fayez Tamba, Owner

Four Seasons Maui, located in Kihei, Hawaii
Innovation:  “‘Seniority”’ system for massage therapists that empowered therapists with priority booking
Represented by Pat Makozak, Senior Spa Director

Glen Ivy Hot Spring located in Corona, CA
Innovation:  Quality operating system that defines processes for continual improvement
Represented by Cristen Stier, CFO

Hiatus Spa + Retreat, located in Dallas, TX
Innovation:  Affordable monthly membership program tailored to guests personal needs
Represented by Casey Evans, Regional Director

Hutchinson Consulting, located in Sonoma, CA
Innovation:  Interactive website at the electronic heart of the global spa community called Our Spa Community
Represented by Lori Hutchinson, Founder and Co-Owner

JW Marriott San Antonio- Lantana Spa, located in San Antonio, TX
Innovation:  Farm-to-treatment table spa experience
Represented by Travis Anderson, Director of Spa

The Marsh, A Center for Balance and Fitness, located in Minnetonka, MN
Innovation:  Creation of trunk show partnerships with local artists for revenue generation
Represented by Arlene Robitshek, Retail Director

The Mirage Spa, located in Las Vegas, NV
Innovation: Integration of yoga program with a separate attraction that raised profits and hotel awareness
Represented by Stephanie Doud, Director of Spa, Salon & Pool Operations

Miraval Resort & Spa, located in Tucson, AZ
Innovation:  Online questionnaire called MyMiraval.com that generates recommended spa services, sessions and activities
Represented by Michael Tompkins, CEO

Phytomer Corporation, located in Salt Lake City, UT
Innovation: New process to treat waste water using a natural, sustainable resource
Represented by Lenette Casper, Phytomer USA’s President and CEO

School of Resort and Hospitality Management at Florida Gulf Coast University, located in Fort Myers, FL
Innovation:  Student-managed and operated on campus spa lab
Represented by Mary Wisnom, Professor and Spa Management Coordinator

Spa 4 the Pink, located in Denver, CO
Innovation:  Developed on-location spa days coupled with mindfulness at cancer centers
Represented by Julie Bach, Executive Director

The Spa at Charleston Place, located in Charleston, SC
Innovation: Cause-marketing campaign that promoted sun safety and skin cancer awareness for school children
Represented by Annette Sandford-Lopez, Director of the Health Club & Spa

The Spa at the Peabody, located in Orlando, FL
Innovation:  Initiatives that raised community awareness of ovarian cancer
Represented by Bill Toth, Spa Director

The ISPA Conference & Expo Innovate Sessions will be held on October 21 at 4 pm and October 23 at 3:30 pm at Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada, where the award recipients will share their innovations with ISPA Conference attendees.

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Miraval at Natirar – A destination spa comes to New Jersey

Saturday, August 24th, 2013 | Adventure, Challenge Course, Cooking Schools, Destination Spas, Miraval Spa, Nutrition, fitness, healthy living, wellness | 1 Comment

Arriving at Natirar
The anticipation continued to build as I made my way to Natirar in Somerset County, New Jersey, formerly owned by the King of Morocco.  Brimming with excitement I drove past the stone pillars and finally arrived at what will soon be Miraval at Natirar by early 2015.

Growing up in New Jersey I never ventured out to this lush and beautiful 500-acre park and it was such a pleasure to explore what Bob Wojtowicz, Founder of Natirar and Kim Wojtowicz, have created.  It was evident from first meeting both of them that it’s a labor of love and the passion for their vision was evident.   Knowing Miraval as well as I do, it was clear to me that both visions are aligned for wellness and life changing experiences.

A few days prior to visiting Natirar in Peapack-Gladstone, I had the pleasure of meeting with Michael Tompkins, Chief Executive Officer of Miraval Resort & Spa and he shared his excitement for the New Jersey expansion. “With so many of the Miraval Tucson guests residing in the Northeast, Natirar’s proximity to New York City and the surrounding region coupled with the extraordinary physical setting made it a natural choice for Miraval,” said Tompkins.  “Although the new property will offer the same level of luxury and authenticity as the Tucson property, each location within the Miraval brand is unique to its setting and will offer its own authentic experience.  We’re excited to be poised for growth, and are actively evaluating additional select locations across the U.S. at this time.”

Plans for Natirar
Plans include an 86-room luxury hotel, including restoration of the mansion suites as well as the addition of villas.   As my tour with Bob Wojtowicz began and as we approached the mansion I felt transported to another place and time and the protected view of the vibrant green rolling hills from the mansion was spectacular.  Plans for restoring the mansion to its former grandeur will soon be underway.  The mansion is rich in history as it was originally completed back in 1912 by architect Guy Lowell, known for his many designs including the Plaza Hotel in New York City.

The hills will soon be alive with a new 20,000 square foot spa with plans for a grass roof, a unique feature (in my opinion) to integrate nature even more as well as an infinity pool/water feature as you enter the spa. Continuing our tour we visited the expansive swimming pool and activity area and Miraval at Natirar will also include a yoga center.  One of the other features with Miraval at Natirar is the river that is about two-miles and meanders below the property, great for fly-fishing and winter-sports are possible too, like cross-country skiing. Miraval at Natirar will also offer activities that Miraval is known for including nutritional counseling, wellness classes, the Miraval Equine Experience and other signature activities.

Ninety Acres (left)

Anise Hyssop at the farm (center)

Cucumber Gazpacho (right)

The Farm
After touring the property with Bob Wojtowicz, I met with Kim Wojtowicz who runs the farm and what a farm! The 12-acre farm supplies Ninety Acres Culinary Center.  They also offer a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) vegetable box for members (offered from June to November).  Kim shared that the chefs like different kinds of herbs and vegetables from German striped tomatoes, to Adirondack blue potatoes to anise hyssop, which I tasted (big anise fan).  Natirar’s farm also raises sheep, pigs and chickens in a stress-free environment.  Organic berries and an abundance of herbs and beautiful flowers make up other areas of this 12-acre sustainable farm that will provide ingredients for both Miraval’s spa restaurant and Ninety Acres, their farm-to-table restaurant.

And, if you’re wondering about the name “Natirar,” it is an anagram for the Raritan River.

For more updates about Miraval at Natirar, stay in touch on Facebook @Mindful Adventures.

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Summer Spa Specials – Explore the Possibilities!

Tuesday, July 10th, 2012 | Adventure, Canyon Ranch, Challenge Course, Cooking Schools, Destination Spas, Healing, Meditation, Miraval Spa, Nutrition, Rancho la Puerta, Red Mountain Spa, Relaxation, Zipline, fitness, healthy living, joy, mindfulness, spa, wellness | No Comments

It’s been a hot summer so here are some cool savings at some of our favorite destination spas!

A Spa Getaway offers opportunities to focus on healthy living – engage in new fitness classes, improve your Yoga or Pilates practice, meditate, relax and reconnect with yourself.  Anything is possible at a destination spa.

Below is a sample of the summer promotions being offered at several of the top destination spas in the U.S. (and one just across the California border!).  If you’re ready to take the next step, please see the contact info below and let’s get started!

Canyon Ranch – Tucson, AZ
Special:  Students and Grads
Travel Dates:  Through August 31
Brief Details:  The first person pays the regular single occupancy rate and the student/grad stays free.
Spa/Services:  A spa allowance is included for the full-paying guest and may be shared between both guests.*
* Allowance varies based on number of nights and package chosen.

NOTE: Canyon Ranch offers other promotions including one for new guests (two sharing a room) as well as for Teachers, Nurses, Solo Travelers and local residents.
Promotions based on availability and subject to change.

Miraval – Tucson, AZ
Special:  Discover Miraval Package
Travel Dates:  Through September 19, 2012
Brief Details:  If you’re new to Miraval or thinking of returning and enjoying more of the activities vs spa services, then this is a great value for you.  Double occupancy rates start at $299 (plus tax & resort fess) per person per night and Single occupancy rates start at $349 (plus tax and resort fees) per night.
Spa/Services:  A spa allowance of $50 per night of stay is included.

Note:   Additional promotions including the 5-th night free is offered through 9/19 – based on availability.
Promotions based on availability and subject to change.

Rancho la Puerta, Tecate, Mexico
Special:  Family Weeks
Travel Dates:  August 4-11 and August 11-18

For Families with children 7-17 years of age – Your promotion:
Brief Details:  The rate for adults is $3000 per person (plus 8.14% tax) and the rate for children (ages 7-17) is $500 per child (plus 8.14% tax)*
*Each adult can bring up to two children for $500+tax each, staying in the same room. The third (or more) child per adult is $1000+tax each. Some restrictions apply.
Note: The regular schedule will be available as well as additional classes/activities for children.

For Adults traveling without children during these two special weeks – Your promotion:
Brief Details:  The rate is $3000 per adult (plus 8.14% tax) and includes -five- 50-minute massages*
* Not valid with Four-Hands massage

If you’ve been wanting to go to Rancho la Puerta on your own- this is a great opportunity for the summer since it’s open to all, not just families.  The regular schedule will be available.

Note:  If these dates don’t work for you, we can review other possible opportunities for other dates through 2012.
Promotions based on availability and subject to change.

Red Mountain Spa, Ivins, UT
Special:  Last Minute Savings
Travel Dates:  Through August 31, 2012*
Brief Details:  Midweek rates begin at $200 per person per night for double occupancy ($230 per person per night (Thursday, Friday, Saturday).  Single occupancy rates begin at $230 per night/midweek and $250 per night (Thursday, Fri, Sat).
*Based on availability and may not be available between 8/5-18 due to limited space/high occupancy
Promotions based on availability and subject to change.

“The journey of a Thousand Miles begins with a single step.” – Lao Tzu
Let’s get started!

donna@mindfuladventures.com for more details and to inquire about your travel dates.
You’ll also receive our bonus for stays of 3-nights or longer (7-nights at Rancho la Puerta)

Life is a journey…travel!

Have you heard about the BFF promo at Miraval Arizona?

Friday, February 24th, 2012 | Challenge Course, Destination Spas, Miraval Spa | No Comments

Are you ready to go to Miraval with your best friend?  Now is the time as this is a short term promotion that offers a savings for both of you.

Promo:  The first person pays the single occupancy rate and the second person pays 50% of that rate.
The total rate is then split equally so both friends pay the same.

This offer is available for stays through May 17, 2012 and based on availability.
It is also based on the Deluxe room or higher and other terms apply.  There’s a lot more information at this link – check out the full details.

While at Miraval, consider some of my favorite activities like Reflect and Transcend with Coach Leigh; Cultivating Resilience with Anne Parker and any of Tejpal’s classes.   I actually love all of the Experts at Miraval…and the food…and the classes and well, I could go on, however this is about you going with your best friend.

For services, have you tried Spirit Flight?  How about Taiz Sensorium?  Two highly sought after services at Miraval that require pre-booking.

Questions?  Send me a note as I’m happy to offer my insight.

See you at Miraval.

Coming soon at Miraval Arizona

Saturday, February 4th, 2012 | Adventure, Challenge Course, Destination Spas, Miraval Spa, Nutrition, Relaxation, healthy living, mindfulness, spa, wellness | No Comments

Miraval, a destination spa located in Tucson, AZ near the Santa Catalina Mountains is getting close to unveiling their new Life in Balance Spa this May.  And I am so excited and really can’t wait to experience it.   With a focus on sustainability, balance and mindfulness, I have no doubt that the new Life in Balance Spa will exceed expectations and continue to be a place for serenity and rejuvenation.

And, as if a new spa isn’t enough to ‘wow’ me this year, Miraval is also releasing their new cookbook, Mindful Eating.  The cookbook, also debuting in May 2012, is a long awaited tool for my healthy kitchen and for those of you that have been asking Miraval about a cookbook and awaiting this release, now is the time to pre-order Mindful Eating

If you’re looking for more information and insight on Miraval or another health-focused spa, feel free to ask a question in the comment section of this post or e-mail me for personal feedback.

As always, enjoy your journey!

Photo Credit: Donna Adinolfi  / Copyright 2010-2012

New Year, New Chapter, New Journey – Are you ready?

Saturday, December 31st, 2011 | Abundance, Adventure, Canyon Ranch, Cooking Schools, Destination Spas, Gratitude and Inspiration, Healing, Manifesting, Meditation, Miraval Spa, Nutrition, Prosperity, Rancho la Puerta, Red Mountain Spa, Weight Loss, fitness, gratitude, healthy living, joy, well-being, wellness | No Comments

Many of us are contemplating what we’d like to bring in to our lives as we enter 2012 as well as what we’d like to let go.  I for one am working on letting go of the fears that hold me back and the disappointments, frustrations and things I can’t change.  I’m focused on what I can change, choices that will get me from where I am to where I want to be and a focus on taking action rather than over thinking.  And, first and foremost, I’m grateful for my family and friends.  These are just some thoughts that come to mind as the dawn of 2012 approaches.

And,  I also believe that 2012 will be another year of reinventing and redefining who we are.  Our ‘to do’ lists will be different, however I believe we have a common goal of being the best we can be.  Have you started your creation list for 2012?  Each year I find there’s a bit of a ‘rollover’ from the previous year and then a few new goals.  I’m finding a greater sense of urgency to accomplish these goals the older I get and it sometimes feels like a 2×4 is hitting me to move toward the direction of these dreams vs getting stuck in just thinking about them.  It’s so empowering to reach even the smallest of goals and so with that said, here are a few plans I’m getting ready to work on for this new chapter, new year and what I hope will be an amazing journey moving forward.

1 Planning: This is an annual tradition – the purchase of a new day planner.  A place where I can enter as much as possible for the new year.  Birthdays, anniversaries, special dates, appointments and goal setting.  If it’s written down, I find the odds are in my favor.   I still have a book called, “Write it Down and Make it Happen,” and it works.

2. Vision Board: A must have moving forward.  If you have one, you can easily refresh yours with new photos and new words, phrases and/or symbols.  If you don’t have one, consider creating one that you can view every day.  It works and I’m excited to see how the new one will unfold.

3. H2O: Yes, every year I make an effort to drink more water and I have to say that 2011 worked out okay, however I must refocus on this one.   If this isn’t on your list, think about it.  Are you getting enough water to stay hydrated and healthy?  I picked up a water carafe to help me out – always keeping water on my desk ensures I’ll stay with this.  For more on the benefits of water, perhaps some things that you haven’t thought about, check out this article.

4. Spa Cooking at Home: Let’s face out, going out to dinner is fun, great for socializing (outside the four walls) and it’s relaxing, however this year I intend on cooking at home more.   Since part of my business is working with destination spas, I know how simple, healthy and enjoyable ’spa cooking’ can be and it’s really about cooking healthy – fresh veggies, organic products where possible and portion control.  With that said, I’m going through my Spa Cook Books and staying in more…and will hopefully shed a few pounds.  Check back here from time to time for some healthy spa meals, photos of my efforts and notes on how they turn out.  And with the help of my new KitchenAid blender, healthy spa-like smoothies are on the menu!

Here is one Spa cookbook to consider from Canyon Ranch, a destination spa:
Canyon Ranch: Nourish: Indulgently Healthy Cuisine

And, if you’re a fan of Miraval Arizona, their much awaited Mindful Eating Cookbook will be available in May 2012.

5.  Journal: This is always on my list.  I have a Gratitude Journal and another journal for ideas, and day to day entries.  I keep both the Gratitude journal and the Idea Journal by my bed.   Begin yours by entering what you’re thankful for each day – it could be one, two, five or more things.  A sunny day, connecting with an old friend, drinking your water, anything and everything you’re grateful for.  A Gratitude Journal is about awareness – reflecting on what we’re thankful for keeps us in a positive mindset and that is what will help us move forward.   Your journal can be a notebook, however if you’d like something special, consider this one Gratitude: A Daily Journal

If you’re looking for a journal that will help guide you to rediscovering yourself, this may be another to consider Soul Catcher: A Journal to Help You Become Who You Really Are

These are just a few of my personal thoughts, plans, ideas for 2012.  What is on your list?  Perhaps one of these will inspire you to Plan to Cook More at Home, Begin your Gratitude Journal, Create a Vision Board and Drink your Water.  And, a carry over for me from 2011 is to write my book…looking forward to taking the first step to chapter one.  (And, yes, exercise and moving more are always on the list!)

“The Journey of a Thousand Miles begins with a Single Step.” – Lao Tzu
What step will you take today to begin this new journey in your life?

May 2012 be a year of good health, joyful living, new adventures and much prosperity!  Believe in yourself, continue to have faith and trust that you are exactly where you’re meant to be.  Happy New Year from Mindful Adventures.

Like us on Facebook:  Mindful Adventures
Follow us on Twitter: DonnaSpaGal
The links for the above are also on the home page.

Photography by Donna Adinolfi.  Copyright 2010.

Top 7 Favorite Gift Ideas from Mindful Adventures!

Thursday, December 15th, 2011 | Abundance, Adventure, California Wineries, Canyon Ranch, Destination Spas, Gratitude and Inspiration, Healing, Meditation, Miraval Spa, Nutrition, Peace, Rancho la Puerta, Red Mountain Spa, Relaxation, Weight Loss, fitness, gratitude, healthy living, joy, well-being, wellness | No Comments

‘Tis the season and as much as I think about buying gifts earlier, I never do.  So join me for a few minutes and review the latest Mindful Gift Giving ideas from Mindful Adventures for anyone else on your shopping list.   Wishing all of you a very Merry Christmas and the happiest of holidays!

1.  Shop locally
Now that I live in Michigan I’ve been paying more attention to what I can send from this area.  Michigan is one of the largest producers of cherries and for that reason, I like Cherry Republic, located in Traverse City, otherwise known as ‘The Cherry Capital’ of the world.  Cherries are also healthy and one of my favorites is the Dark Chocolate Covered Cherries – double dose of goodness.   And, I must not leave off another Ann Arbor, MI institution – Zingerman’s!  There’s still time to send out some delicious treats and you’ll love the choices – so many to consider.  Both of these Michigan options are offering flat rate shipping.

2. Tea
Do you enjoy tea?  This is another favorite gift because tea is more than a beverage to me, it’s ceremonial and all about mindfulness.  Think about the old Tea Houses and Afternoon Tea.  Nothing is rushed.  It’s a time to be in the moment and enjoy a relaxing cup of tea with friends or on your own for a few moments of solitude.   Check out Tea Forte for some last minute ideas and consider one of my favorite books Tea Here Now.

3.  Nourishing & Natural Body Products
Most of you enjoy chemical-free, natural products and one of my favorites for this is Burt’s Bees.   Their Cranberry & Pomegranate Sugar Scrub is great for this season as well as the Bee Pampered Spa Set.   There are great gift ideas for everyone and they’re affordable and so well received.

4.  Uplifting Books
Another favorite gift is a Day Book.  It’s the gift that keeps on giving year round because each day there’s an uplifting message and when I find one I like for myself I often gift it to friends, family or colleagues.   One of my personal favorites is by Mark Nepo titled The Book of Awakening.

And, if you or a loved one is going through a difficult time due to the loss of a loved one, or other personal loss, this one came into my life and helped me and I feel compelled to share with others, especially at this time of year.  It’s by Susan Barbara Apollon and is titled Touched by the Extraordinary and her second book, Book 2: Healing Stories of Love, Loss & Hope

5. Wine & Dine with a different twist
These are some of my favorite vino finds.  Some can be ordered online and others can be found at your favorite wine store.  In addition to giving the gift of wine, consider making it more of an event – include a note to enjoy a wine-pairing dinner that you prepare at home, or perhaps a private wine tasting with your friends. These aren’t new ideas, however perhaps they’ll spark another idea for a last minute gift with more meaning and an opportunity to get out more and enjoy the moment with your friends and family.  Okay, the list… Tres Sabores Vineyard – I love their Red Zinfandel; Husch Vineyards – check out the Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon; and Cline’s Cashmere – this one has a limited supply available for both the ‘09 and 2010.    And how about an added link for some wine pairings for that special wine & dine gift at your house!

6. Gifts that Give Back
The best gift is the one that keeps on giving.  These are few to consider:  Rails to Trails Conservancy, Feeding America, Bread for the World, American Veterans Disabled for Life Memorial.

7. Relaxation and Rejuvenation
Well, this one is on my list every year – it’s the gift of spa.   A gift card to their favorite day spa to enjoy a relaxing massage or revitalizing facial, or perhaps a year of Yoga or Pilates.  There are so many options to give the gift that enhances their health and rejuvenates their body, mind and spirit.   Another favorite is a destination spa – an opportunity to immerse into a week or so of activities, healthy meals, hiking, fitness and services that uplift, rejuvenate and inspire.  If you’re looking for more insight on a destination spa like Miraval Arizona, Canyon Ranch, Red Mountain Spa, Rancho la Puerta or other last minute ideas, e-mail me at donna@mindfuladventures.com.

There you have it – a short list with some ideas to get you going or help you finish up your holiday shopping.  Thank you for stopping by. – DMA

Oprah and Miraval – Together again

Thursday, April 21st, 2011 | Adventure, Destination Spas, Miraval Spa, wellness | No Comments

Are you busy this afternoon?  Can you spare an hour?  If so, treat yourself to the Oprah show (4p EST and check your local listings) and get a taste of Miraval Arizona as today’s show is dedicated to “25 Years of Oprah and Gayle’s All-Time Best Adventures” and what a fun hour it will be.

Miraval offers more than a spa experience as you’ll see on Oprah and if a friend is unable to go on an adventure with you then consider a solo-adventure, my favorite way of experiencing Miraval.


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